Tiana has been working with Annie on and off again since 2012—she just can’t seem to stay away from us here at Ormewood. In fact, Tiana has become so close to us that Annie even attended her high school graduation. Tiana’s natural instinct to be around animals is what keeps drawing her back.

Early on, Tiana knew that she had a unique connection with animals. She would visit the zoo regularly and feed the animals, and she’d also go around exploring, catching tadpoles and other critters. When other kids would shy away from animals, Tiana would go right up to them with confidence. At Ormewood, one of Tiana’s favorite tasks is holding the animals and comforting them during procedures.

Tiana has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of West Georgia, and her next step is veterinary school. In her free time, when she’s not at Ormewood or bartending, Tiana loves to sing in choir and watch movies. She’s also known for changing her hairstyle on a regular basis—as if employing twins (Carl and Curt) in addition to two people with similar names (Tiana and Tatiana) wasn’t confusing enough! You’ll never know what Tiana’s hair will look like when she walks through the door.

Cat: Ninja

Favorite Creatures
Land: South African Black Leopard
Sea: Penguin
Air: Her cat being raised to the sky like Simba in “The Lion King”