Jyothi has known for a long time that she was going to be a doctor. It just took her a little while to realize that she wanted to be an animal doctor instead of a people doctor. While studying at Emory University, Jyothi took an internship working with beluga whales and penguins at the Georgia Aquarium. And that’s when she realized that she wanted to work with animals instead.

After completing a B.S. in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology, Jyothi went on to earn a veterinary degree from St. George’s University. Jyothi brings with her an interest in internal medicine and a fascination with solving the medical “puzzles” that come along with caring for animals. But it’s building relationships with patients and their owners that Jyothi loves most about being a veterinarian.

Originally from New York, Jyothi and her adorable labradoodle, Luna, now call Atlanta home. Jyothi enjoys exploring the city and everything that it has to offer—especially trying new restaurants around town and then stalking their chefs online #FordFry. Jyothi is also a big baseball fan, she can’t seem to order a sensible amount of RedBull, and she likes to eat her lunch over the course of five hours. These peculiar idiosyncrasies (and of course her love for animal care) make Jyothi a perfect fit here at Ormewood.


Dog: Luna (an Instagram celeb who can be followed @Luna_Doodle_ATL)

Favorite Creatures

Land: Pandas

Sea: Beluga Whales

Air: Luna flying a bi-plane. With goggles. And a cute scarf.